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Los Angeles Wholesale Bulk Sunglasses

Welcome to Lipopsun Sunglass! We are one of the largest distributors of sunglasses and eyewear accessories in the Los Angeles, Southern California Area. Founded in 1978, Lipopsun has provided its customers the highest levels of quality, value, and service for more than three decades. With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China, Lipopsun has the best prices and stylish design that you can ever find online. If you are a retailer seeking for a reliable source for your business, Lipopsun is the company that you can trust.  You can focus on expanding your business, knowing that Lipopsun is there to provide you the best prices and quality.

Lipopsun maintains great customer relations. If you have purchased from us before, we hope that our website provides you a new, convenient way to place your orders. If you just found us and you are a retailer seeking for a reliable source for your sunglasses supply, Lipopsun is the company that you can trust. Whether you are a retailer, online retailer, or another distributor, we offer the best customer support and service to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we do our best to fulfill any requests. We appreciate your business and we thank you for shopping online!



Our Sunglass Brands



 Here, you will find sunglasses with branded hang tags to every pair. Each brand is labeled according by matching styles. For example, 'KISS' & 'Stars' for celebrity looks, 'Raptor' & 'Stealth' for Aviator Sunglasses, and 'XHunter' for Sport Frames.