Common Q&A's

Content recommended for all customers to read


I am new to your company and website. I feel uneasy about signing up and placing online orders.
We understand your concerns. Our company is selective in our customer account approving process and cautious when accepting orders from any new individual or business entity. Lipopsun is a wholesale sunglasses business established and located in the Los Angeles, Southern California area since 1978. Our website is certified and authorized to process sales transaction online. Our sales team will provide any help or support available to guarantee product and customer service satisfaction.

You can learn more about us or contact us for any questions or concerns. We encourage you to sign up and open a wholesale account with us. We look forward to working with you.

I have created an account, why am I unable to log in and view the prices of your products? 

Our Service team will contact via e-mail as soon as possible. If you have not been contacted, please e-mail the following to [email protected] or [email protected]

By our company policy and state business law, we need the following document(s) before we activate your account.

If you are located in the state of California, we need to receive a signed "California Resale Certificate" and a copy of Business License, California Tax Permit, or Resale Permit in order for us to approve your account. Our state law requires us to collect these two documents from all customers.

If you are located outside of the state of California/USA country, we need to receive one of the following:

  • State's Business License
  • State's Tax Permit or Resale Permit
  • Utility Bill that confirms the address of the shipping address intended for orders. (ex. Gas, Electric, Water Bill)

 I don't have a Tax Permit. Can I order from your website for my personal use?

Unfortunately, no. We are a wholesale distributer, not retailer, and our exclusive wholesale prices are intended for business distribution or sale.

Do I need to fill out the "California Resale Certificate" every time I purchase?
No, this is a one-time setup. As soon as we have your tax number and signed "California Resale Certificate" on file, we will approve your wholesale account. After we receive your documents, you can login and purchase as many times as you would like.

I have faxed/e-mailed my Tax number and the "California Resale Certificate", why do I still cannot  see your products?
If your fax/e-mailed arrives during non-business hours, we will approve your account within the next business day.  This is a manual process and someone has to pick up your fax/e-mail and update your account status. So please be patient. If you suspect the transmission did not come through, please proceed to contact us. We will also send you an email notification when your account is approved.

Can I scan my signed documents/Tax Number and send them as email attachments?

Do you have a physical store?

4641 District Blvd., Vernon CA 90058 

I live in the Los Angeles area. Can I order it online and come to your store to pick up my order?
Absolutely. As you are placing an order in the checkout page, select the "I will come and pick up my order" as your shipping method and your order will be ready to be paid/pick up as you arrive.

 I am a out-of-state business owner visiting the Los Angeles area. May I come to pick up my order?

Yes. But you must provide shipping documents as proof that it will be leaving the state of California.



Do you offer free shipping?

Unfortunately, we don't. Other wholesalers may offer free shipping but they will likely mark up 100% ~ 300% of prices for similar styles. We give you the lowest price up front. We do not use free shipping as a promotional tool.

Is it safe to put my credit card through your web site?
Yes, your credit order is transmitted through secure socket layer (SSL) between your computer and our secure server. This is the same technology used by online airline booking or online banking. We do not store your credit card information permanently on our server.

Can you ship merchandise via US Postal Service?
No, we only ship UPS for domestic shipping. USPS is for international shipping only.

In the mix of a dozen, can you give me more black frames, tortoise, etc.?
No, we do and can not offer different proportion mixes. This includes frames, lens color, and reading glass power, etc. Our one-dozen package comes with predefined mixes and cannot be changed.

If the style I want is out of stock, will you order more?  How long will it take?
If there is enough demand for any specific style, we will create back orders. Otherwise, we will discontinue that style. There are no back orders for closeout/sale items. Back orders takes 2-3 months to arrive.

Could you change the engravings or logos that are on the sunglasses with my own company's  logo?  How long would that take?
Yes, we can customize logos, engravings or labels for you. This service will require a placement for a special order. You must put a 30% deposit and there is a minimum order of 200 dozens. Estimated time to receive any special orders is 2-3 months. Please review the customize page and contact us for details.

Do you have a printed catalog?
No, our website is the catalog of all updated products. Please do not e-mail us to request a printed catalog.